Quality Policy

The management of TME feels that the customer satisfaction is the principle of all company activity and therefor the base for the success of the business.

The Company´s Policy favors the supply of goods in an effective and swift manner, having as priority the needs and demands of the clients, while at the same time promoting satisfaction and engagement of every collaborator to ensure the necessary competitiveness and company profitability.

The implementation of the Quality Management System according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 Norm means that we assume the commitment of fulfilling its requirements and to continuously improve efficiency, aiming the final objective of improving service and never privileging costs over quality.

TME sets itself to act according to high ethical and integrity standards, to foster the principles of justice, loyalty and respect, demanding the same from all those that in any way participate in the company´s activity.

Are also part of the company´s priorities, the concerns about safety, hygiene and comfort, as well the respect for the environmental regulations and good citizenship.

Base Principles

Customer Satisfaction – Provide products according to the clients requirements, transparently towards its specifications and in efficient and competitive conditions.

Collaborators Satisfaction and Engagement – People´s promotion and appreciation as well of team work, relying on an effective communication, sharing success, performing the necessary skills update and modernization of the operational systems.

Orientation of the Concerned Parties – Active cooperation with suppliers and other participants in order to achieve optimal long term results for the end client.

Continuous Improvement – Creating a work environment that drives constant motivation, creativity and evolution of the work processes.
Excellent level of performance and responsibility by each collaborator, in every function and in every hierarchy level.