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Product: BUTYLES
Use: Fixing and Bonding

High Bond Conformable strip, composed by synthetic rubber and resins,  with permanent flexibility, having adhesive both sides.
Also for air, dust and water sealing and vibrations absorbing.
It compensates dilation
Clean, precise and effective application.

2 products available:

Butyl Ref. 1757: Excellent results when applied on aluminum, steel, glass, wood, plastic, polyethylene.  Very high resistance to U.V. light and temperature variations (- 40 to + 90º C).

To apply between metal plates for roofing, in refrigeration units, in the gap fillings after polyethylene injection; in the sealing of steel molds for fiber glass vacuum infusion; in the plastic collage on molds, “vacuum paste”; Water sealing between profile plates in the industrial warehouses building, for RV´s and commercial vehicles sealing and vibrations absorption .

Butyl Ref. 1795: Designed to seal against water, air and dust, being completely waterproof, absorbing vibrations and compensating expansions.

For indoor applications, resists to temperature up to 40ºC.

Fixation of ceilings and metals on chassis of commercial vehicles, furniture and decorations (laminates, carpets and inner linings and PE plates junction.

Informação adicional

Espessura (mm)

1,5 (ref. 1757)1 (ref. 1795)

Largura (mm)


Comprimento (m)



Gray and Amber

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